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Preschool in Thane can play a significant role in determining your child’s success.

Children do not learn from what you teach them, they learn from what you are.  Surely, most parents would agree with this as they see their children imitating their actions now and then.

Raising a child can be tough
One of the most fundamental ways to raise your kids is simply by being a good role model.Children are like small shadows and start doing everything we do. When you say something, take an action or react in a certain manner, your child is observing you all the time and later tries to imitate your behavior. It is therefore necessary to act consciously . It can be a tough challenge for parents to set the perfect example.  So here are some top tips:
Think about how you talk to your friends, family members, neighbors and acquaintances. How do you talk to your parents or about your child’s teacher in front of them. Your child is absserving and learning how to value other people by watching your example. Choose your words wisely. Your child also grabs signs of self-esteem from you. Respect yourself, and your child will follow the same.
Spending mindful time:
Every day if you give your whole and conscious time and attention to your children, where you are not checking your phone or even thinking about everyday jobs, your children will be more likely to give you their time when you ask them to do something. Spend more focused time with your children every day!
Be well Groomed
Take care of your appearance and present yourself neatly always even if you are staying at home all day and not going out anywhere. Children learn the importance of cleanliness and do nto associate grooming with going out.

Inculcate good habits
Struggling to get your child to eat healthier foods or stop watching so much TV or computer games? You cannot expect them to stop on their own! Set an example like sharing healthy meals and snacks with them. Try to reduce your TV and phone time and plan outdoor activities with them.
Practice positive communication skills
Do you listen to your children when they are talking? Do you interrupt, give advice and ridicule them for their words and feeling? Give complete attention and respect their thoughts when you are communicating with your child. You are teaching him/her to do the same for you.  Hear them & they will listen to you. If you do not know what advice to give, maybe it is better to just listen to your kid. Demonstrate positive, polite and respectful language, with your child. They will do the same.
Anger management
Is your child quick to lose his temper, or cry out of frustration? How about you? How you respond to stress? Anger is a valuable tool that you can model for your child. We live in a society that is fast-paced, demanding and stressful, and anger is a very natural reaction. The next time you are facing a challenge, try to remain calm, take a deep breath and talk through the issue. If appropriate, talk to your child about what triggered your anger and how you dealt with it. Your child will learn to take a step back and think about his reactions the next time he gets mad.
Skill Development
Preschool in Thane can play a significant role in determining your child’s success. A child’s early exposure to Preschool in Thane influences their brain development, establishing the initial neural connections that provide the foundation for language, reasoning and problem-solving, social skills & good behavior that are relevant factors in each child’s success at school and beyond.
Preschool education improves a child’s development and behavior. Rainbow Preschool provides a vast number of programs – playgroup, nursery, kindergarten and enrichment activity for kids in India. Rainbow Preschool has nurtured more than 15,000+ children throughout India. 
Above discussed are eight basic actions that parents can role model, but the possibilities are endless! Moreover, it is not about being a perfect parent—rather, it is about being mindful that your words and actions are being watched and absorbed by your children.


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